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Waacking World Festival Vol.4

From September 3th to 6th

America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia are united for sharing 8 amazing classes and  7 instructors from all over the world.


Line Up

Mariana - France

Class Name:

PoWer + Intensity + Encore

1 working poWer in mooves

2 Bringing intensity

3 feeling music

Mickey - Philippines

Class Name:

Incorporating Skills into Waacking

1. Discover – A guide in revisiting one’s repertoire and figuring out your natural strength in terms of physical movements.

2. Learning and Recreating Skills – reinventing commonly used skills in waacking. Combining old and new ideas.

3. Tips on training a skill and making it useful/versatile during battles and freestyles.


Line Up

Waackeisha - Canada

Class Name:

Groove and Character

Being a waacker is about having the essence and taping into the soul of the music so Waackeisha will explore the music and character through fun exercises playing with the groove to every move come get funkay!

En Lai - India

Class Name:


Segment 1 : Body conditioning
Segment 2 : Process of choreography and elemental understanding of movement. Post which i will move ahead to the choreography which will focus on arm speed, leading to a discussion on how to increase and work on speed.
Segment 3 : Questionnaire


Line Up

Ida Louise - Norway

Class Name:

Body Movement


1. Explore how the parts of our body in different ways and angles, starting from the grounding of our feet which gives energy through the hips and upper body, can change the movement of our arms. 

2. Explore movement with our hands and fingers which can give other expressions

3. A visualization exercise which requires access to your favorite music and earphones (if you are more people together in the same room).

Madina - USA

Class Name:

Waacking Choreography class

We we be focused on line , shapes , musicality and flow
In choreography we will be experimenting with different shapes and lines and brining them into one experimental flow with Waacking


Line Up

Soula - Korea

Class Name:

Soul & Waack Class ( rhythm + waacking movement )

1. Rhythm training

2. How to use your arms with your body- (waacking Twirl+body traning )

3. waacking on top of ‘dancing’ with music as a routine❤️

What you will learn...

Technique, Musicality and Freestyle to improve your style!


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We have made this map for you to know in which countries we have a Waacking community or waacker dancers, In this way when you travel it would be easily for findind waacking support, sharing and dancing.


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