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From March 4th to 6th

America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia are united for sharing 9 amazing classes with 9 instructors from all over the world.


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Jemin - Korea

Class Name: Musicality

  • Catch the mood and feel of the music and use it for freestyle.
  • Express your own style by filling in music with various movements.
  • Separate musical instrument sounds and vocals so that you can dance with intuition and expression that suits each sound.

Waackxxxy - Korea

Class Name: Freestyle  

(How to control + waacking basic and body)

  • Time to learn how to mix the twirl and waack, with isolation.
  • Time to learn how to make rhythm with the first topic.
  • Time to learn how to control not only disco music but also various songs.

Lily Frias - Mexico

Class Name: Dynamics and Flow

  • Drills to developed different texture and angles with your arm rolls and posing, incorporating isolation.
  • Applying knowledge practiced in drills to develop your own freestyle. Within an outline and guided freestyle exercise.
  • Routine, incorporating texture and Punking performance.


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Rada - Italy

Class Name: Different Attitudes

  • How to change attitudes and interpretation within one song and how to use the rhythms.

C2 Low - Vietnam

Class Name: Isolation

  • Warm Up, Basic, Foundation.
  • Isolation 1 – Arm technick
  • Isolation 2 – Arm and Body
  • Isolation 3 – Music Layers

Eva Soriano - Mexico

Class Name: Creativity and Motors of Movement

  • This class is focused to understand different ways to move muscles that will activate upper back and arms. Also on the basics and creativity with different freestyle concepts.


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Yoon Ji - Korea

Class Name : Freestyle class

(How to move + listen + tell)

  • Exploring the movement of each part of the body, and using various images and ways to move and connect each part of the body.
  • The connection of layers of different instrument sounds in a way that can figure out and express them.
  • The way I can tell the story with the nuance and feeling that I can feel in the song.

Bagsy - United Kingdom

Class Name: The Power of Bolos/Waacking Rolls

  • Understanding the inspiration behind bolos and waacking rolls.
  • Exploring timing, speed and texture with the movement.
  • Playing with different musical genres.
  • Understanding how to Show the music on the beats, instruments, rhythms and melodies.
  • Understand how to translate your intentions, feelings and story through your posture positioning and articulation of the hands/arms within the movement.

Ebony - Canada

Class Name: Explore your expressivity

  • Finding way to be more expressive with different exercices and tips that everyone can adjust to their level.

What you will learn...

Technique, Musicality and Freestyle to improve your style!


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We have made this map for you to know in which countries we have a Waacking community or waacker dancers, In this way when you travel it would be easily for findind waacking support, sharing and dancing.


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