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From June 4th to 6th

America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia are united for sharing 9 amazing classes and 2 conferences with 9 instructors from all over the world.


Line Up

Doma - Poland

Class Name: Musicality

  • In this lesson you will learn how to listen to music.
  • We will pick every sound and study how they sound and feel like, try to teach our bodies how to change one movement but show different sounds and at the end we’ll try to combine everything to the whole – special made – piece of music.

Danzel - Indonesia

Class Name: Floor work and exploration

  • Following our body and flow in a way that is not controlled or planned to achieve a different output that is way beyond our comfort zone.

Sasa - Netherlands

Class Name: Presence and Performance

  • Practicing Presence > fully embracing all that you are and all that is – through movement and music in the moment. Being present allows you to follow your intuition, creativity and be authentic, real and unique in your own expression.
  • Practising Performance > diving into intentions, feelings, emotions, colors and characters to fully allow yourself to express, connect and communicate your message and mission that is unique to you!

    Bring it all together:
    Music- Movement- Moment- Message- Mission!


Line Up

Samtwo - France

Class Name: Punking Waack

  • We are going to work on the acting part of the waacking.
  • “The Punking” with several exercises that will help you to interpret the song like an actress in a movie.
  • We’ll also use technique & musicality to express the music
  • Bring your favorite accessory, sunglasses, jacket… we’re gonna have fun.

Vila - Colombia

Class Drawing the rhythm

  • In this class, we will get conscious of our body and how to dance with it on the levels ( floor, medium and up) adding the posing, whacking and punking tools, looking for new movements and possibilities with all body.
  • Listen to your body will be the guide on my class.

Ana Sanchez - USA


  • In this section we will talk about this style with our Legend – Ana Lollipop Sanchez.


Line Up

Marid - Korea

Class Name : Freestyle class

(What to express & how to express)

  • After analyzing each sound of a song’s instrument, express the sound that you want to express accurately.
  • Dancing with various approaches, such as strength or height.
  • Accuracy and Detail

Bill Goodson - USA


Interview to our legend Bill Goodson – choreographer of Diana Ross – Love Hangover CAESARS PALACE 1979.

Archie Burnett - USA

Class Name: Waacking with the Punk Sensation

  • The goal of this class is to identify your own personal relationship to your body’s vocabulary, allowing your real life emotions to fuel your movement even in it’s most subtle expressions.

What you will learn...

Technique, Musicality and Freestyle to improve your style!


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We have made this map for you to know in which countries we have a Waacking community or waacker dancers, In this way when you travel it would be easily for findind waacking support, sharing and dancing.


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